Women in Business

Being a successful female business owner is fun but it is also challenging. I enjoy being able pave the way for other women to do well in their selected business adventures too. I started out with a small business online because I was already working from home for someone else. I enjoyed the flexibility and being able to take care of my kids while I got my work done.
However, I also felt there were ways to make that business operate better. There were some serious flaws in the design, the customer service, and the refund process. I did try to share with my boss those problem areas but he didn’t seem to care about making improvements. I guess he thought he was making enough money.
I gained a great deal of experience being a woman in the world of business. I learned quite a bit, including how to handle using various technology as a business resource and how to communicate well with International business deals. When I felt confident enough, I branched I out and did my own thing. The money was much better and this time I could do it my own way.
I was determined to create a very good business with services people could count on. I was going to make sure my business didn’t have any of those pitfalls and flaws that result in customers going to a competitor. It took some time to get my reputation in place, but I was dedicated to making it work.
Today, I am happy to say I have been an inspiration to many other women in business. There can be challenges and shortcomings along the way. There isn’t anyone out there who has been successful with their business though won’t struggle at some point. Continuing to grow, to learn, and to always treat your customers with respect is important.
Having your own business is more than just getting to make the decisions or to make more money. It is an opportunity to give back to others, to help them to fulfill a need or want they may have in society. It has also allowed me to be a role model to my children and to other women in my life.
Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back, do all you can to learn about your type of business. Then you can get started with it. I choose an online business model due to it being less expensive to develop. You can choose a brick and mortar location if you prefer. There are unlimited possibilities so put your dreams into action and make them a reality!
Women in business often have to prove they can do everything men can. Make sure you set out to do something you are passionate about, and it isn’t just about trying to move up the ladder. If you do feel you are being discriminated against due to your gender, you need to speak up. Allow your work, dedication, and attention to details speak for themselves though and that is often enough for doors and opportunities to open up.